Tree Moving

Tree Moving (Bedford)

The Tree Needed to be Moved

The client wanted the tree moving to create a space for a conservatory.

We dug it out!

We Made a 2ft wide by 2ft deep hole all by hand so we didn’t damage the roots.

The New Location

We dug the tree out by hand to protect the roots, and the new home we made a hole deep enough so the roots could take hold. Then we replanted it.

There she is!

So we got her planted in the new location and the family will enjoy the tree for that much longer. 

"I had a small tree that needed moving to create space for a conservatory, which I was worried would die on the move. Robert and his team spent their time and made sure they were careful digging round and deep enough to get the roots out and then replanted it with the tree staying alive and now thriving in its new location. Very easy and simple process working with this company with great value for money."
Chris B