Tree Felling and Trimming

Tree Felling (Worcestershire)

As the Garden Looked

We were tasked with cutting down 2 trees, a 20ft/24cm diameter one, and a 25ft/33 cm diameter one.

Working at Height

We used ladders and free climbed the tree to cut down the branches, and the ivy from the outside of the tree. We wore harnesses and full PPE. 

Almost Done

We used ropes and pulleys to lower the branches, after cutting them off using a variety of tools including a 20″ petrol chainsaw and a 12″ electric one. All the branches needed to be removed before cutting the trunk.

Job Done!

After we had removed the trees, there was a feeling of a much larger garden space, with more natural light. Overall the job took us 2 days.

"Removed two large trees with 3cm of ivy round trunk all the way up. Cleared up after they had finished. Polite, cheerful definitely would use again."

Tree Felling 2 (Bedford)

Overgrown Trees

The client asked us to remove 4 trees ranging from 20-25cm diameters and 12 to 24 ft in height.

Cutting Them Down

The purpose of this job was to allow more light in and give the other trees room to grow, we cut down from the hedge top, we wore harnesses and all required PPE. 

Getting more Light in

We used a 20″ petrol, and 12″ electric chainsaws to cut the trees down, using ropes and pulleys, to lower the trees safely.

Job Done!

The client was very happy to have more light passing into the garden, creating a feeling of more space.

"The team who came to do the job were very polite and professional getting the job done quickly and efficiently taking down two trees in sections. They made sure the area was clean and tidy after they were finished disposing of all waste material making a real difference to the light that now comes into my garden."
Adrian B

Fallen Tree Clearance

Two Trees Down

Both trees were still attached to the stump and needed to be removed. One was 23ft long with a 26cm diameter, the other was 18ft long and had a 16cm diameter.

Clearance Begins

The trees were supported via a pulley system to protect the fence below from damage. 

Chopping up

The trees were cut into manageable sections using a 20″ petrol chainsaw and a 12″ electric one. 

Clearance complete

All the remaining biomass was removed, the tree stumps were left in place since they were in a neighbours garden.