Moving a tree to protect it and create more space

Tree Moving

We move trees and rehome them in your garden so you can continue to enjoy them, even as you use their old space to extend living areas like patios and decking etc.

tree stumps with a tree stump grinder

Tree Stump Grinding

We can bring in machinery to grind down tree stumps so they'll no longer be in view.

Trees gone

Tree Felling and Trimming

If a tree needs felling, or one has fallen during a storm, or you just want more light. Our tree services will give you what you want.

a cleared pond area


We'll help you to landscape your outside area exactly as you want.

Bamboo growing wild

Bamboo Removal

Our client had a bamboo invasion, we remedied it!

A completed Patio


We will build you a new patio to increase your outdoor living space.

a completed fence in a garden with a bench seat in front


We've built several clients fences to increase their privacy or just to freshen up how their garden looks.


This is a project currently in progress where we are building a conservatory for our client.