Patio 1 (Milton Keynes)

The Old Patio

Our client had an outdated 25m2 patio and they wanted a more modern look

What We Started With

We had to remove the old patio to build from a fresh start. We kept some of the old border stones to re-use in the new patio.

Laying the New Patio

Once we had removed the old patio we raised the step section height by adding a 2″ hardcore base that the previous build did not have.

Completed job

We added a slight slope to allow water run-off into the garden. The new patio is now 50m2 and used 20mm thick slabs for durability. 

Job Done!

We had used a concrete mix to fix the base, we cleaned and sealed to finish the job. We had included straight and curved edges to integrate with the garden for a better flow.

Patio 2 (Worcestershire)

The Bare Ground

Our client wanted a hardstanding on this land to have as a patio area, and they wanted to used the reclaimed materials and slabs they already had.

Construction Begins

We created a hardcore base topped with sand and levelled. This was a complex process due to the varying slab thickness.


We levelled all the base and laid the slabs as per the clients request. The reclaimed materials were inbetween one and 2 inches thick and ranged from 300mm2 to 1200mm x 900mm.

Job Done!

We constructed a concrete retaining wall around the patio area, and added stones in between the slabs. Leaving a very happy client.e

"We needed a base for a large shed and we had materials we wanted to reuse in the project. Very good job shed fits perfectly on base with excellent finish round sides."

Patio 3 (Bedford)

Construction Underway

The Client wanted a hardcore base with sand underneath the slabs and no concrete.

A Great Footpath

Porcelain slabs 20mm thick and 900mm x 600mm. 

Levelled Off

The footpath ran all the way around the side of the house to the back garden.

Job Done!

We constructed a new path in front of the picket fence and between the driveway, and will be building a 150m2 patio with an additional walkway.

"Robert who came in to do my patio with some workers came in and did it exactly how I wanted the job to be done, adapting to my needs and wants. I had a walkway going round the side of the house starting at the picket fence they built for me leading the big patio at the back. The patio has lasting very well despite the fact I’ve had heavy machinery having to go over the patio to get my new kitchen installed. I would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a landscaper who takes pride in their work."
Paul B