Fencing and Footpath Job (Bedford Road)

Before We Begin

We start by preparing the ground for the patio and footpath complete with picket fencing.

Getting Started!

Grounds clearance and digging by hand the holes needed because of buried utility pipes.

Construction Begins

The picket fencing here is in construction, using 2″x 2″ wooden posts 1.5 ft deep in the ground and secure with concrete.

Construction Continues

Porcelain slabs create the footpath that leads around to the back of the house and the patio area.

Getting There!

Taking shape, these slabs are laid with a hardcore base and sand, the client requested no concrete, so we obliged.

Job Completed

Footpath completed, but the weather was closing in so we had to wait before building the 150 sq metre patio. You can see that progress here.

"The fencing was a fantastic job putting a picket fence up, to separate out the garden keeping the dogs in the back garden. They were very friendly and nice lads who came to do the job giving me top quality customer service with me being very pleased with the results."
Paul B

Fencing (Milton Keynes Job, part I)

As we Found it

This old picket fence needed to be replaced, so we did, we also cut down the invading holly tree to get the straight fence line.

Picket Fencing Replaced

We used an earth drill and hand tools to dig the new holes and put the concrete posts 2 feet deep into the ground.

Privacy Fence

Building the new privacy fence for the side of the house, using both 1ft and 6 inch gravel boards at the bottom, with 11 foot posts.

Job Done

Completed job and one very happy client! See below for the back garden fencing work.

Fencing (Milton Keynes, part II, back garden)

Here we go!

As you can see the fencing was very well worn and needed to be replaced.

Under Construction

We used 11ft concrete posts, dug 2 ft into the ground with an earth drill and then postcrete to secure them in place for a very long time.

Wooden Fence Installation

For this we used 1ft gravel boards at the base and 6ft by 6ft wooden panels, we also used hand tools for the majority of the work so we would be less intrusive to the neighbours during this job.

Fence Panel Installation

For this job we had to cut back the neighbours decking, some trees and stumps to reclaim 2ft of our clients land.  

Job Done!

The completed fence in the back garden (photo from the neighbours side). The client was very happy.