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Aware Landsman is focused on excellence in sustainable and environmentally sound practices in landscape design and construction.  We achieve this goal, one project at a time with a core team of highly trustworthy people infused with our organization’s values of hard work and high quality.  For us ‘high quality’ is encapsulated by the idea that any task worth doing is one that must be completed to the very best of our abilities…and our standards are very high.  Our core team also coordinates a wider ecology of carefully selected, competent subcontractors who meet our standards and work with us regularly.

A keen awareness of place and context informs all of Aware Landsman’s designs and work.  Our mission is to improve our clients daily environments while holistically benefiting their health and well-being in the context of caring for the wider environment. Each project we undertake must delight the eye, be of the highest quality, and built to be easily maintained and to last.  Equally, each project must fit into wider environmental concerns of sustainability and practice which is also why we recommend locally grown plant materials and, where possible, plant materials that are native to the regional ecology.

We work closely with our clients – many of whom become friends. We never abandon projects, and we guarantee all we do.  As a result, we are delighted to be asked for references and to have new clients talk to existing clients.  Since we want to build relationships and not just get ‘jobs’ – no job is too small for us if it allows us to demonstrate our value to you.  Don’t hesitate to call on account of the size of a job!

My name is Rob, I am the aware landsman, and my pledge to you is that you will be deeply satisfied with our work, not just on completion but for a very long time to come.

About me: Rob the Aware Landsman…

I have always wanted to own my own business from as far back as I can remember. My family is in the horticulture business and, surprising no one, I set up my own small horticulture business when I was eleven. It did well and it taught me a great deal about what my family’s values of hard work really mean. Applying those also was the foundation of my real appreciation for excellence, resulting – among other things – in winning gold at a local horticultural show…and I was even able to sponsor my 6th-form college rugby team! As I believe that anything worth doing at all is worth doing the best I can, when I went to university I put my horticulture business on ‘hold’ so I could give my full concentration to my studies.

Having developed a deep interest in landscape design and construction over the years, after graduation I set up Aware Landsman, which is focused on excellence in sustainable and environmentally sound practices as applied to landscape design and construction.  I am extremely proud of the reception the company has had and the kudos it has received.

For those reading this who wonder what happened to my ‘on hold’ horticultural business?  I continue to be a member of two horticulture associations, and I am currently shopping for agricultural land so that I can provide the highest quality sustainably grown plant materials to the Aware Landsman’s clients as well as providing plants and flowers to the local market.  If you have some agricultural land to sell? 

Just call or write to me!